Facebook Campaign #MyOntSW for Ontario's Southwest Tourism

During my time at adHOME Creative, we worked with Ontario’s Southwest Tourism. We wanted to create a meaningful, engaging and cost-effective social media campaign with people who lived in southwestern Ontario and encourage people living outside of the area to come and explore the various attractions and sceneries of the region.

That’s when I thought of the #MyOntSW Campaign.

Everyone loves showing off photos of their local region – the scenery, the hidden gems, their local festivals and attractions. Who doesn’t love bragging about what their area has to offer, right?

The campaign simply asked their online community (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram) to submit photos of what they consider to be “their” Ontario’s Southwest using the hashtag #MyOntSW. Every month, a photo would be featured as the cover photo for the Facebook Page (which at the time had 10,000+ fans).


Facebook Post Example


Facebook Cover Photo Monthly Winner

MyOntSW Social Media Campaign Cover Photo


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