Facebook Training for a Small Business Owner

I have over 7 years of social media experience. I even remember the launch of Brand Pages – when you stopped “friending” brands and started “liking” them on Facebook!  Does that make me a Facebook dinosaur?

I was asked by a local small business owner to help teach her the basics of Facebook so that she could run it herself.  We set up four hours of one-on-one training and I also made her this handy dandy handbook with stats, personalized tips, step-by-step info to set up ad manager and the recommended tools to help her do it on her own.

Our session consisted of:

  • Facebook Pages overview and set up
  • How to post to reach maximum exposure
  • Facebook analytics – How to export data and learn more about your customer
  • Facebook Ad Manager – How to make a Facebook ad or sponsored post

She thought that rather than sifting through website and blogs looking for answers to her questions, that it would be more efficient to have someone help walk her through the platform in person.

After doing this session with her, I realized that she was right.  We were able to cover a lot of information in 4 hours and give her direct answers to her all her Facebook questions.

Facebook Training Handbook
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